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Style #: 1331

1-1/2" Clarino (High-Gloss) Leather Hook & Loop Tip Garrison Belt

1-1/2" Clarino (High-Gloss) Leather Hook & Loop Tip Garrison Belt

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Introducing the Dutyman Garrison Belt in Clarino: the epitome of functionality seamlessly blended with classic style. Designed for those who prioritize reliability without compromising on aesthetics, this 1-1/2” standard garrison belt is tailored to support law enforcement, security professionals, and anyone in need of a steadfast belt solution.

Crafted from high-quality Clarino, a premium synthetic leather, this belt offers exceptional durability that withstands the challenges of daily wear while maintaining its sophisticated appearance over time. Its width is ideally sized to fit standard trouser loops, guaranteeing a seamless look and comfortable fit for extended periods.

This belt distinguishes itself with 6" of hook and loop material at the belt ends, replacing the traditional buckle to allow for effortless adjustability and ease of use. This innovative closure system ensures a snug, secure fit that can be quickly and easily adjusted, making it a perfect choice for professionals who value both convenience and efficiency in their gear management.

Whether you're on duty or off, this belt delivers the essential support for your gear without sacrificing style. Its Clarino construction not only mimics the look and feel of genuine leather but also offers the benefits of being easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your belt remains pristine with minimal effort.

  • Sophisticated Clarino Design: Our belt showcases the elegant and polished look of Clarino, designed for compatibility with a range of professional accessories and attire. Its high-quality synthetic leather provides a smooth, refined finish that is both attractive and practical.
  • Built for Daily Wear: The durability of Clarino makes this belt ideal for everyday use, effortlessly withstanding wear and tear while offering easy maintenance. This belt is designed to keep its premium appearance, making it a reliable choice for any professional setting.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Dutyman's commitment to quality is evident in this garrison belt, made from superior Clarino synthetic leather, ensuring no compromise on the belt's integrity or look. The belt's interior, featuring a natural, undyed finish, prevents color transfer to uniforms, maintaining their impeccable appearance.
  • Innovative Closure System: Featuring 6" of hook and loop material for fastening, this belt eliminates the need for traditional buckles, offering unmatched adjustability and ease. This design ensures a secure, custom fit, providing convenience and efficiency for all-day wear.
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Stacey F
just like the picture

The belt that I needed; custom service was great.