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Style #: 1511

1-1/2" Classic Leather Garrison Belt - Black

1-1/2" Classic Leather Garrison Belt - Black

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Introducing the Dutyman Garrison Belt: the epitome of functionality fused with classic style. Crafted for those who demand reliability without sacrificing aesthetics, this 1-1/2” standard garrison belt is designed to support law enforcement, security professionals, and anyone in need of a robust belt solution.

Constructed from premium full-grain leather, this belt boasts durability that stands up to the rigors of daily wear while aging gracefully over time. Its width is perfectly sized to fit standard trouser loops, ensuring a seamless look and comfortable fit for all-day wear.

The sleek design of this belt is complemented by a polished, silver-toned or gold-toned buckle, offering an adjustable fit while adding a touch of elegance to your professional attire. For a more durable buckle option, consider the silver-toned solid brass buckle.

Whether on duty or off, this belt provides the support you need for your essential gear, without compromising on style.

  • Standard 1-1/2” Width: Perfectly sized to fit standard trouser loops, offering a seamless and comfortable fit for all-day wear.
  • Premium Leather Quality: Committed to exceptional craftsmanship, our garrison belt is made from 100% genuine, full-grained leather, eschewing any synthetic fillers or bonded materials. The fully leather-lined interior, presented in a natural, undyed finish, ensures that there is no color transfer to your uniform, preserving its immaculate look.
  • Customizable and Compliant: Tailored to meet stringent government and uniform specifications, this belt comes with the added versatility of interchangeable and replaceable buckles, available in both silver and gold options. This feature allows for easy customization to match your uniform or personal style preferences, making it a staple accessory for any professional ensemble.
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